SICOMA Quality

Quality starts with engineering, creativity and design. Sicoma has led the industry for over 60 years and that’s no accident. The Galletti brothers had a vision which still exists today through the company’s pursuit of perfection in design as well as perfection in production.

Quality starts with innovative design. Sicoma’s products never stand still. Feedback from the field is translated into improvements; some small, some large. Sicoma’s features and their benefits to the user are real, tangible and of outstanding value.


Sicoma’s engineering team includes innovative designers and the latest in CAD drafting. As materials and techniques change, products are kept at the forefront to ensure highest performance, longest lifetime and compatibility with the latest techniques. Sicoma holds world patents on many of its innovations. The new triple shaft seal on the twin shaft mixers is an example.


Quality starts with the best materials; top quality Ni-Hard steel linings for all mixers, for example. Fabrication of mixer pans is done by selected fabrication shops, with the help of skilled European craftsmen. The result is manufacturing tolerances that are tight, giving a better product as a result. Sicoma’s NC machining center houses the largest twin shaft mixers, ensuring accuracy of gearbox and bearing mounting surfaces.


All manufacturing steps are monitored in compliance with ISO 9001. Highly accurate automatic dimensional checking is used on machined parts to verify the quality of the work throughout. Here you see a gearbox housing being automatically verified by the in-house measurement center.

Sicoma controls quality by manufacturing everything in-house, including gearbox housings and other critical components.

Sicoma is dedicated to total quality, from conception to installation in your plant and after. You can rely on Sicoma all the way.

TESTS PROVE IT – greater compressive strength and less permeability

Read the final report on mixers by the Italian Institute
The Manufacturing Procedures used for all SICOMA Mixers have been compliant with the Quality Requirements of ISO 9001 since 1995 and have been updated and approved by CERMET since 2001 as compliant to ISO 9001:2000.
Since 1999 all Mixers are designed and constantly improved with the use of three-dimensional modeling softwares.
The steel fabrication of the mixer tank is machined with a CNC boring machine to guarantee the perfect alignment and parallelism of the mixing shafts.
The Mixers are line assembled giving very short lead times due to the high level of standardisation.
The Shafts’ Seals as well as other particular features are protected by International Patents.

Everything is subject to modification without prior notice. For specific requests, we will refer to our technical department. Values indicated are not applicable in all applications and conditions and are subject to variations depending on the use and quantity of the product.